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Ornamented detail from one of Ole Bull´s violins

Ole Bulls fiolin, Gasparo da Salo (ca. 1562). Foto: Thor Brødreskift.

Join us in developing Bergen as a cultural city and make a difference for the art and music. Read about collaboration opportunities and contact us directly if you wish.

Why become a Kode sponsor or supporter?

Kode’s vision is to be the most relevant and innovative museum in the Nordic region. Supporting Kode demonstrates clear social responsibility and contributes to our common cultural heritage.

As Kode’s sponsor and collaboration partner, you are close to one of the Nordic region’s leading art and music communities. It also gives you access to an extensive exhibition and concert programme and to world class dissemination experiences.

Kode has an enthusiastic audience and has set new visiting records year after year. We also have thousands of members who visit and make use of our museums.

As a sponsor and supporter you become a valuable part of this network.

Proud collaborations

Kode and Bergen have a long tradition for cultural public and private collaborations. Two of our museums are historic reminders of the importance of such collaborations.

Rasmus Meyer’s family gave Bergen city an outstanding gift in 1916, which, among other things, included the third largest Edvard Munch collection in the world. The municipality provided the building which houses the Rasmus Meyer collection today and is named after the collector.

In 1971, financier and art collector Rolf Stenersen donated his art collection to Bergen city. The funding for the building now carrying his name was brought about through the efforts of individual persons, Arts Council Norway and gifts from Bergen’s private sector.

The facade of the entrance at Rasmus Meyer

Foto: Thor Brødreskift

Join us in developing Bergen as a cultural city and make a difference for the art and music.

A person working with preparing a painting by Edvard Munch for conservation

Foto: Dag Fosse / Kode

A woman and a child are sitting in front of a painting by Nikolai Astrup

Foto: Dag Fosse / Kode

How can you contribute?

By supporting Kode, you can take part in the museum’s extensive work with art and music stewarding, dissemination and research.

You can contribute to outreach projects for prisoners or to large, critically acclaimed exhibitions in London and Paris. You can support the conservation of our valuable cultural heritage or contribute to dissemination projects for children, families or vulnerable groups. You can provide important contributions to our collection and the development of new knowledge.

Mutual value creation

A collaboration with Kode also gives access to various opportunities for your professional development and provides you with suitable meeting places.

You get access to four art museums and three composer’s homes, beautiful outdoors areas and premises for social gatherings.

Sponsors and collaboration partners receive close and personal follow-ups, ensuring both parties’ needs and interests are looked after.


Magdeli Fosse is responsible for sponsorship and collaborations. You are welcome to contact her for a talk about a prospective collaboration.

A woman playing the cello in the concert hall at Lysøen

Konsert på Lysøen / Concert at Lysøen. Foto: Thor Brødreskift

Edvard Grieg´s villa at Troldhaugen, in moonlight at dusk

Foto: Dag Fosse / Kode

Two people are standing in front of an artwork by Ed Ruscha

Foto: Dag Fosse / Kode