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Audioguide tour at Siljustøl

Written by: Anette Basso

We offer a free audioguide tour of the outdoor area at Siljustøl with music and stories.

With an app on your phone, you can hear the music (and voice) of the composer Harald Sæverud and his wife Marie Hvoslef.

The audioguide tour is free and can be downloaded in the Voice of Norway app.

On the audioguide tour you will get to know Harald Sæverud and his wife Marie Hvoslef.

You will hear more about the large outdoor area, in addition to the actual music he composed.

The English audioguide has a version for adults. Only the Norwegian audioguide has a version for children.

What do you get to listen to?

The audioguide gives you music by Harald Sæverud, and you also get to hear the composer's own voice narrate. You also meet his wife Marie Hvoslef.

They share anecdotes from historical recordings from NRK, and give us personal insights into life at Siljustøl.

During the tour, we will hear about the inspiration for the music and learn more about some of Sæverud's favorite places in the outdoor area.

En gruppe mennesker går på en sti på uteområdet på Siljustøl, omgitt av grønne trær. Det er sol.

Foto: Thor Brødreskift

Enjoy the outdoor area, and use your phone to follow the audioguide tour!

En stor stein formet som en bauta, mellom grønt gress og trær.

Foto: Thor Brødreskift

To voksne og to barn står ved innsjøen på Siljustøl.

Foto: Thor Brødreskift

How does it work?

Download the Voice of Norway app on your own smartphone via the App Store/Play Store.

You can also do this from home.

The app is free.

Search for "Siljustøl audioguide".

The listening tour for adults is available in both Norwegian and English.

You will probably need a pair of headphones to get the best experience of your listening tour.

Enable location services/positions on your phone. You must also allow notifications.

You will also find signs with QR codes and information about the listening tour in several places at Siljustøl, including outside the building, at reception and at the workshop.

The tour starts at the entrance to the house. You choose the order yourself according to this.

Huset på Siljustøl sett fra inngangen

Foto: Thor Brødreskift

The listening tour takes you on a route outdoors, where 10 stopping points have been included.

Duration: Feel free to estimate an hour on the listening tour.

You choose how much you want to listen to at each stop.

In the app there is a map, where you can see where the various records are located. When you get close to a record, it will play automatically.

Finally: Help us take care of the area at Siljustøl, and only walk on the marked paths.

Thanks to the Sparebankstiftelsen SR Bank's generous gift that has made the project possible!

You can of course combine the audioguide tour with a visit to Harald Sæverud´s composer home.