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Welcome to our new website!

Written by: Anette Basso


Seven museum buildings in one digital space!

The four art museums and the composer´s homes have also been given new and updated names.

Dear digital visitor!

We hope you find you way around our new website and that you like our new look.

In the following, you get a quick overview of what's new.

Please take some time to explore our new site. Note that it is still under development.

We hope you meet it with curiosity!

En omviser i Rasmus Meyer, som står foran malerier av Harriet Backer. Hun smiler.

Foto: Thor Brødreskift

Seven museum buildings, one website

Finally, we can present Kode in one place. Now the composer´s homes Troldhaugen, Lysøen and Siljustøl no longer have their own websites.

Art and music are equated and communicated side by side.

Under Museums, you will find both a quick and comprehensive overview of all seven buildings that make up Kode, as well as a separate page for each of them.

New names for the museum buildings

We have both renewed and simplified the names of our buildings.

The art museums KODE 1, 2, 3 and 4 are now history.

We look back in history and are proud to take in use names that many people in Bergen already are familiar with:

KODE 1 = Permanenten

KODE 2 = Stenersen

KODE 3 = Rasmus Meyer

KODE 4 = Lysverket

The composer's homes get shorter names:

Edvard Grieg Museum Troldhaugen = Troldhaugen

Ole Bull Museum Lysøen = Lysøen

Harald Sæverud Museum Siljustøl = Siljustøl

Kode has a nearly 200 year long history, which we are very proud of. We are one museum, with seven unique arenas for art and music. We care for and communicate Norway's common cultural heritage, in and from Bergen. We are changing the names to reflect this heritage. We do this, among other things, by highlighting names with long traditions, and names that honor those who have made us the museum we are today. We also believe this will make it easier for the public to find their way around. This is an ever so small Christmas present, especially to our loyal audience here in Bergen.

Haakon Thuestad, Director of Strategy and Communication
To personer står bak resepsjonsdisken på Troldhaugen. De smiler mot kamera.

Foto: Thor Brødreskift

Plan your visit at your leisure

Under Visit, you will find all the practical information you may be looking for before visiting Kode.

Opening hours, how to get there, places to eat, availability – everything sorted for each of the seven museum buildings.

In the submenu you can also read more about our offer for selected target groups.

Find out what´s on

Under What's On, you get an overview of current exhibitions, current concerts and a useful calendar with a comprehensive overview of all events.

All about our collections

Under Collections, you will find our digital home for learning. All the collections, biographies of our composers, our history: Here you will find out more about what makes us Kode.

Here we have also chosen to present Stories from the Museum. Interviews with artists? Articles that provide a deep dive into art and music? We will fill this page with exciting content and news!

Useful information

Under the menu item About us you will find contact information, vacancies and you will gain more insight into our organisation.

Buy tickets

At the top of our page you will find a button that takes you straight to ticket purchase via TicketCo.

There you can both buy entrance tickets to the museum in advance, and find tickets for concerts.

En omviser i Griegs villa på Troldhaugen peker mot en vegg med fotografier. Hun smiler mot kamera.

Foto: Thor Brødreskift