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Our silver treasure: Next stop, Houston!

En person løfter forsiktig en forgylt krone fra et bord

Written by: Anette Basso

For the first time, the artistry of Bergen's goldsmiths will be showcased for an American audience, when over 200 silver objects from the collections of Kode and the Stiftelsen Bergenssølvet travel to Houston in February.

What does it take to make the silver shine?

Meet the experts at Bevaringstenestene i Salhus, who will tell us more about the important work preserving these precious objects.

Video to be launched in week 4.

En sølvgjenstand rengjøres forsiktig av et par hender ikledd hansker

Video to be published in week 4.

About the exhibition at MFAH

For centuries, Bergen, one of the largest port cities in Scandinavia, was a thriving hub of global commerce, with a burgeoning export of fish, timber and fur.

That trade in turn spurred the development of a uniquely Norwegian approach to a timeless craft: gold and silversmithing.

The exhibition Crowning the North: Silver Treasures from Bergen, Norway at MFAH explores the art of the Bergen silversmiths from the 16th to early 20th centuries, and examines the evolution of the craft against the backdrop of greater political, social, and economic change in Norway and other parts of the world.

Some 200 objects – from spoons, tankards, sugar bowls and salt cellars to elaborate ceremonial wedding crowns and fantastical vessels – are on exclusive loan to the U.S. from public and private Norwegian collections.

Crowning the North: Silver Treasures from Bergen, Norway is on view at MFAH February 11 – May 5, 2024.

The exhibition is comprised of objects from Kode Bergen Art Museum, The Bergen University Museum, and the private collection of Norwegian collector Christen Sveaas.

Crowning the North: Silver Treasures from Bergen, Norway, is organized by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston in collaboration with Kode Bergen Art Museum, Norway.