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Spring concerts 2024

Bilde av Troldhaugen med blå og rosa himmel i bakgrunnen

During the spring of 2024, we will have small series of beautiful concerts.

Tickets for these concerts are sold as deals/packages, and you can choose from series with two or three concerts.

Great experiences in Troldsalen

Fantastic concert experiences in one of the world's most beautiful concert halls with top-class musicians!

Choose between one ticket with two concerts or one ticket with three concerts. All in the fantastic Troldsalen.

Three concerts for 700 NOK

February 4: Yukari Ohno, Winner of Princess Astrid's Music Prize

February 17: "Pierrot Lunaire", with BIT20 and Tora Augestad

April 14: Matyáš Novák, Smetana 200 years

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Two great concerts for 800 NOK

April 21: Charlie Siem and Håvard Gimse, Stars with Ole Bull

April 28: Simeon Goshev, Spring Schumann and Grieg

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The "At" series: Deep dive into Kode's musical collection

In 2024, we invite the audience into the worlds of Ole Bull, Edvard Grieg, and Harald Sæverud.

What characterizes their music? Who were they as composers, and how does one listen to the music they created?

Through concerts, we present music and connections they have to their contemporaries that might not be well known.

In collaboration with the performers, Kode's curators will open new perspectives into the artistic universes of these three composers.

Two concerts in Troldsalen and one at Siljustøl:

March 10 in Troldsalen: Grieg's unknown songs

April 7 at Siljustøl: "Ridder Blåskjeggs Mareritt", Sæverud's blood-drenched ballet

May 5 in Troldsalen: Grieg's "Barnlige Sange"

Tickets for the "At"-series

Two concerts at Siljustøl for 400 NOK

Join us in the unique atmosphere of Siljustøl, with beautiful intimate concerts in Harald Sæverud's music hall.

January 14: About the composer Signe Lund, concert lecture with Rune Alver

March 17: Ramez Mhaanna, Ravel's war monument

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