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The Gingerbread town 2022

Foto av forseggjorte verk laget av pepperkake, som forestiller bygninger i Bergen

Written by: Maria Tripodianos


Foto: Pepperkakebyen

This year the world's largest gingerbread town will be at display at Kode!

The world's biggest gingerbread city "Pepperkakebyen" is this year located at Lysverket. Explore miniature houses, trains, cars and ships made from real gingerbread!

Schools and kindergartens contribute every year in making a miniature version of Bergen - all in gingerbread-cookies! This is one of the most breath-taking traditions we have got in Bergen. This is the World's biggest Gingerbread town!

Where: In the second floor of Lysverket, entrance from Lars Hilles street.

When: The Gingerbread town is open from 19 November - 31 December.

The Gingerbread town has their own opening hours and ticket system:

Go to this page for opening hours and tickets

Everyone who visits the Gingerbread Town gets 50% discount on tickets to all exhibitions at Kode.