Marit Følstad: Akashic Field

In the series of contemporary projects created for KODE, Marit Følstad (b. 1969) takes over the Stenersen Room with a process-oriented work developed over the course of several years. 

Marit Følstad is one of Norway’s most prominent video performance artists and is known for her beautiful, slow-motion videos and high-speed photographs with a hyper-real rendition of reality. Her use of neon light, music, photography and video in her works, have been important tools for treating themes such as materiality, process, time and transformation. 

In the course of her career Følstad has progressed from performance and video to larger, immersive and multimedia installation projects. Following this complex art production the artist regularly works together with a team of experts in different fields. 

The original past / the possible future

Working with Akashic Field, Følstad has involved the artists Ole Jørgen Næss and Gunnar Moen to take part in the process. Through the founding of ITCA, Institute of Trans-Conceptual Art they seek to "Transcend pre-conceptual attitudes, and facilitating encounters with the unknown"

Akashic Field is a major installation project based on the rock type Masi Quartzite from around Kautokeino, in Northern Norway.

Følstad's procedural approach is site specific, fluid and intuitive inspired by Land Art and artists like Robert Smithson and Michael Heizer. Central is the study of nature's own movement towards increasing disorder and randomness (entropy). According to Robert Smithson, the "entropic" landscape can reveal both the original past and the possible future. Følstad experiments with ideas about landscape, location and topographical mapping.

About the artist

After earning her BA from Glasgow School of Art, Marit Følstad completed her MFA at the Chicago Art Institute in 2000. Følstad was a Fullbright scholar at ISCP in New York, 2002-2003. She is represented in numerous prominent national and international collections. She currently lives and works in Oslo.

More information about the exhibition will follow.


  • 8 May 2021 to 22 Aug 2021
  • 150/100/0 *

* Adgang alle Kode museer i 2 dager. Voksne 150,- / Studenter 100,- / Barn under 16 år og KODE medlem0,-