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Standard Terms

Mennesker som sitter i konsertsalen på Troldhaugen

Foto: Dag Fosse / Kode

Following are the terms and conditions for consumers.

These terms and conditions ("Standard Terms") are entered into between KODE Kunstmuseer og komponisthjem ("KODE") and customers that are consumers ("Purchaser") and apply to all tickets for exhibitions, concerts and other events ("Event" or "Events") hosted by KODE.

1. Purchase and use of tickets

1.1 Access to Events

Ticket(s) purchased by the Purchaser for Events ("Ticket" or "Tickets") shall give access to the applicable Event(s), provided that the barcode or QR-code on the Ticket is both valid and readable. The Purchaser shall ensure that the Ticket is readable.

1.2 Transfer

The Purchaser may transfer the Ticket to a person other than the Purchaser ("Ticketholder"), unless otherwise agreed in connection with the purchase. Purchaser shall make the Ticketholder aware of these Standard Terms. The Ticket shall not be resold at a higher price than the price for which the Purchaser purchased the Ticket from KODE.KODE shall not be responsible for any Tickets purchased from third parties.

1.3 Refund

Tickets are non-refundable, unless otherwise is explicitly stated in these Standard Terms. There is no right of cancellation for the purchase of tickets for cultural events, even if the tickets are purchased remotely, for example, on the internet.

1.4 Payment

Purchaser shall pay for Tickets in accordance with the invoice and other instructions issued by KODE to Purchaser. Payment for Tickets shall be made in advance of Events. In the event the number of Purchaser’s guests to an Event exceeds the number of guests for which Purchaser has purchased Tickets, KODE shall issue Tickets to such additional guests and invoice the Purchaser accordingly.

2. Change and cancellation

2.1 Change of time and location

KODE may change the location, time and date of an Event. If the location, time and/or date is changed, the Ticket will be valid for the new location, time and/or date. In the event of such changes that significantly disadvantage the Purchaser, Tickets may be refunded at KODE’s sole discretion.

2.3 Change of content

KODE may change or cancel some of the content (e.g. artists, bands, etc.) at an Event. An Event shall not be considered cancelled in accordance with 2.4 below unless all content is cancelled.

2.4 Cancellation by KODE

KODE reserves the right to cancel Events. In the case of cancellation, the Ticket shall be refunded. Ticket fees (e.g. service fee, processing fee, delivery fee) are not refunded. In the case of cancellation, the Purchaser shall not make any claims and disclaims the right to all other remedies than a refund in accordance with this provision. Cancellation in the event of force majeure is regulated in its entirety in section 3 of these Standard Terms.

2.5 Cancellation by Purchaser

Purchase of Tickets to specific Events may be cancelled by Purchaser when specifically stated by KODE. KODE may not charge for Tickets to such Events on the following terms:

  • Cancellation received 14 days before the Event: No Tickets shall be charged and pre-paid Tickets shall be refunded.
  • Cancellation received later than 14 days before the Event and before 10:00 AM CET two days before the Event: A cancellation refund or discount corresponding to 50% of the prior agreed total price shall be given.
  • Cancellation received after 10:00 AM two days before the Event: The Ticket(s) shall be paid in full.

Any request for cancellation shall be sent to

3. Force Majeure

Should an extraordinary situation outside the control of the parties arise that makes it impossible to perform duties under these Standard Terms, and which under Norwegian law shall be classified as force majeure, the other party shall be notified of this as soon as possible. The obligations of the affected party shall be suspended for as long as the extraordinary situation prevails. KODE may, but has no obligation to, re-schedule an Event due to force majeure. The parties shall, in connection with a force majeure event, have a mutual disclosure obligation towards each other concerning matters that are relevant to the other party.

4. Miscellaneous

4.1 Recording

The Purchaser and the Ticketholder shall not take pictures or make audio and/or video recordings during Events.

4.2 Refusal of entry or expulsion

KODE may refuse entry of or expel any person for unacceptable behaviour at KODE’s sole discretion.

5. Privacy

KODE will process the Purchaser’s personal data in order to be able to sell the Ticket to the Purchaser, give the Purchaser access to the Event or keep the Purchaser updated about the Event, for example in the case of changes as mentioned in section 2 or 3. KODE's processing of personal data complies with the Personal Data Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). KODE uses a Ticket supplier (TicketCo) as a data processor in order to carry out the processing. More information about KODE’s processing of personal data is available in KODE’s privacy statement: (

6. Choice of law and dispute resolution

These Standard Terms shall be interpreted and regulated in accordance with Norwegian law. Any dispute relating to these Standard Terms which cannot be settled by mutual agreement, can be referred to the Consumer Authority or the Consumer Complaints Board by the Purchaser. If the matter is still not resolved after being processed by the Consumer Authority or the Consumer Complaints Board, the case may be brought before the courts in Norway, with Bergen District Court as the court of first instance.