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SOLD OUT Christian Ihle Hadland

Concert at Siljustøl

Portrettfoto av pianist Christian Ihle Hadland


Where Siljustøl

Price 290/250/100/50 NOK

Update: The concert is sold out.

Christian Ihle Hadland performs Bach's "Goldberg Variations" in the house at Siljustøl, Sunday, September 3 at 19:00

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Christian Ihle Hadland is one of Norway's foremost pianists, known for his delicate, refined playing and individual touch, which has led him to the most prestigious stages in the world.

This Sunday, he takes on Harald Sæverud's intimate music hall at Siljustøl, with Bach's iconic "Goldberg Variations".

About the Concert

The "Goldberg Variations" transport us back to the 1700s. Count Keyserling in Dresden suffered from insomnia, and court harpsichordist Johann Gottlieb Goldberg often had to play for him during the night. The Count desired music that could uplift his spirits.

The story goes that he commissioned a work from the famous Johann Sebastian Bach. The piece was published in 1741 and took the form of a theme elaborated in 30 variations, later acquiring the name "Goldberg Variations".

Portrett av pianist Christian Ihle Hadland


Adults NOK 290/Kode members NOK 250/Students NOK 100/Children NOK 50

Practical Information

The concert ticket also includes admission to the museum.

Duration: 60 minutes.