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Concert: Grieg´s "Barnlige sange"

Et eldre fotografi av Edvard Grieg som liten gutt, tatt i profil.

Edvard Grieg, 1854.. Foto: Carl Anderson / Bergen Offentlige bibliotek


Where Troldhaugen

Price 290 NOK

Take a deep dive into Kode's musical collection with the "At" series.

Join Kode's music curators for an insider's look at Grieg's songs and Sæverud's blood-curdling ballet, in unique concert lecture series hosted at the composers' own homes.

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The "At" Series

In this series, we are at the composer´s homes, learing more about them and their music.

In 2024, we invite the audience into the worlds of Ole Bull, Edvard Grieg, and Harald Sæverud. What characterizes their music? Who were they as composers, and how does one listen to the music they created?

About "At Grieg´s: Barnlige Sange"

Author Nordahl Rolfsen did not receive public support for his radical project, "Lesebok for Folkeskolen" (Reading Book for Public Schools), in 1890. The book was published nonetheless, and Edvard Grieg contributed by setting music to some of the poems.

Having experienced his school days as "deeply unsympathetic," Grieg supported the idea of a more modern school with a reader adapted for children. In a short time, he composed melodies for the songs published as "Barnlige Sange" (Children's Songs) opus 61.

Curator Monica Jangaard takes us into the worlds of Grieg and Rolfsen. What was new and radical?

Please note that the talk will be in Norwegian only.

Practical Information

The concerts last approximately one hour.

The concert takes place at Troldhaugen, the home of Edvard Grieg.