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Performance: Nils Bech

​​Two intimate performances in Ida Ekblad's exhibition.

En mann ikledd hvit underbukse ligger på ryggen i en trapp

Foto: Benjamin Huseby


Where Permanenten

Price Included in Kode entrance ticket NOK

​​Intimate performances in Ida Ekblad's exhibition.

Please note: Limited capacity.

The artist Nils Bech has long moved between art, classical and pop music. On 26 May you can see him in short acoustic solo performances between Ida Ekblad's sculptural works at Kode's Permanenten.

During Bergen International Festival , Nils Bech performs on stage at Den Nationale Scene alongside dancers from the Norwegian National Ballet. For the performance, Ida Ekblad has created artistic elements and will also hold an exhibition at Kode during the same period.

Ekblad and Bech have collaborated closely for a long time, something which Interview Magazine documented more than a decade ago:

In the case of Norwegian artists Nils Bech and Ida Ekblad, collaboration is more of a friendship between two people whose fitful lives never stop being art.

Interview Magazine

Practical information

There will be two performances: at 15.00 and 16.00.

​Entrance with ticket to Kode art museums. The mini concerts have no extra charge, and it is not possible to buy a ticket only for these.