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Springtime concert with the Kode choir

A celebration the day before!

Nærbilde av vakre vårblomster og tulipaner fremfor Edvard Griegs villa.

Foto: Dag Fosse / Kode


Where Troldhaugen

Price 50 NOK

Welcome to a festive springtime concert with our Kode choir. Please note: SOLD OUT.

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We invite you to a festive prelude to National Day on Tuesday 16 May in Troldsalen.

The Kode choir has been started in collaboration with Bergen Sanitetsforening and NKS Olaviken.

The choir consists of people both with and without dementia, women and men, young and old, family and friends.

Everyone is welcome to this spring concert where we offer music that everyone has a relationship with. A good atmosphere is guaranteed!


Maria Bersås, the choir's conductor

Einar Sogstad, piano

Bjarte Aasmul, guitar

Anders Bitustøyl, bass

Eistein Thue, drums

Practical information

The concert takes place after the museum's opening hours. Troldhaugen closes at 17.00.

Duration: approximately 60 minutes.

Kode thanks Hilmar Rekstens Almennyttige Fond for financial support.

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