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What makes a modern composer?

Meet our composer in residence Ørjan Matre

Komponisten Ørjan Matre står foran en inngangsdør. Han er kledd i en grønn ytterjakke.

Foto: Anette Basso


Where Siljustøl

Price 290/250/100/50 NOK

Welcome to a new event in our new popular science series about music!

This Sunday we meet house composer Ørjan Matre for a concert and conversation at Siljustøl.

The event is in Norwegian.

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"Arne Nordheim was some of the first 'modern' music I was exposed to", says Ørjan Matre, Kode's resident composer in 2023.

In collaboration with Matre, we have put together a program that will highlight his own artistry, where some of his own works are combined with works by other Norwegian composers from the last decades of Norwegian music history.


Ørjan Matre: Piano trio (2016)
Synne Skouen: Hils Domitila! for solo piano (1980)
Arne Nordheim: Duplex for fiolin og cello (1991)
Ørjan Matre: Notturno (2019)
Rolf Gupta: Jordens vuggesang (2019)

Featuring (pictured below in order):

Melina Mandozzi, violin
Martha Berit Belt, piano
Pierre Doumenge, cello

Curator Monica Jangaard leads the conversation.

Close-up of a womans face. She is holding a violin.

Foto: Magnus Skrede

A woman in a printed dress. She is smiling.

Foto: Studio 1 fotografene

A man holding a cello

Foto: Handout

Practical information

The concert ticket includes entrance to the museum.

Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes including break.