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Interruptions at the Festival Square

Bergen International Festival

Tre bilder av personer som sitter, med ansiktet vendt mot kamera.


Video works in a pop up art exhibition in the city centre. In collaboration with Bergen International Festival.

Since the early 90s, Norwegian artist Jeannette Christensen has used time and materiality as a consistent theme in her art. Video works from the exhibition Interruptions, previously shown in the Rasmus Meyer's Collection, will be shown in a large-scale format during the festival period.

The works are digital portraits in video that slowly change as you look at them. Christensen's works stretch time and invite conversations around identity and representation. The exhibit is available to everyone via a large screen at the Festival Square and is shown once daily on Thursday, 25 May and Friday, 26 May, and then every day from Sunday, 28 May to Sunday, 4 June.

When and where

Venue: Torgallmenningen / Festival Square in the city centre.

The work will be at display once a day from Thursday 25 May, Friday 26 May, and from Sunday 28 May until Sunday 4 June.

It is free admission to the Festival Square

​The screen will also be used for song lyrics and other Festival content, as well as revisiting the participants of What Is the City but the People?

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