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Catch the boat to Lysøen

How to spend a summer day!


Where Lysøen

Price 80/0 NOK

Ole Bull's fairytale villa is still closed for rehabilitation, but the island is open!

We have transport by boat from Tuesday to Sunday, and the kiosk is open.

Here you can get inspiration for your visit and see more of the beautiful places on the island.

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Take the trip to Lysøen this summer!

Sun, sea and ice cream?

On Lysøen, adults and children can enjoy a fine weather day together in beautiful surroundings with a historical buzz.

The villa that houses Ole Bull's museum is closed, but can of course be viewed from the outside.

Important: Remember that it is not allowed to barbecue or use fire on Lysøen!

PS. At the very bottom of the case you will find a map of Lysøen. The map is also available in several places on the island and in the kiosk.

En større passasjerbåt ligger på vannet, med to trebåter foran. Det er sol.

Foto: Dag Fosse / Kode

The boat Ole Bull at the dock at Lysøen. The kiosk and toilets are right by.

En person drikker en kaffe mens det står to brusbokser på bordet foran

Foto: Dag Fosse / Kode

Røde hus langs en sti, og et skilt som peker til venstre med skriften kiosken er åpen

Foto: Dag Fosse / Kode

Buy tickets for the boat

NOK 80 round trip (free for children)

The shuttle boat Ole Bull takes you to Lysøen in a few minutes from Buena quay in Os.

Click here for info on how to get to Lysøen and Buena quay.

The boat runs Tuesdays to Sundays, up to and including 15 September, between 11am and 4.30pm.

It costs NOK 80 for an adult round trip (while it is free for children and Kode members).

There is a toilet on the boat.

More about Lysøen

We have a kiosk and toilets at Gamletunet, close to where the boat docks.

The kiosk sells hot and cold drinks, local soft drinks, snacks and ice cream.

The kiosk is open Tuesday to Sunday at 12am to 4pm.

You can pay with Vipps, if you do not have a card or cash on you.

In the kiosk, you can also take an activity sheet with you, which makes it even more fun to explore the island together.

The kiosk is open Tuesday to Sunday from 12am to 4pm.

Toilets are by the dock, near the kiosk.

Lysøen has many nice paths you can walk along, and there are several swimming spots on the island.

You will find signposts along the paths with information.

Please beware of vipers, especially if you walk outside the paths.

The paths are covered in white shell sand.

You can swim close to the dock where the boat arrives, or perhaps in the sheltered Apalviken?

If you come with your own boat, we have a guest quay that you can use. It is located close to the main quay.

If you have questions about the guest quay, you can call the supervisor on the island on 90 82 17 39.

En seilbåt ligger inne i en vik. Det er sol.

Foto: Dag Fosse / Kode

In Lysevågen you can anchor with a leisure boat. This is also the only place on the island where you can spend the night!

En båt ligger fortøyet inne i en vik. Det er sol.

Foto: Dag Fosse / Kode

Et kart over Lysøen

Kart over Lysøen (Statens kartverk)

You can also find this map in several places on the island, and in the kiosk.

More information?

Practical info about the island