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Gingerbread Town

Pepperkakebyen at Kode!



Where Permanenten

Price 50/100/150 NOK

This Christmas, the world's largest and most beautiful Gingerbread Town will take over one of Bergen's oldest and most majestic art museums: Permanenten from 1896.

The world's biggest gingerbread city will this year be located at Kode in Permanenten. Explore miniature houses, trains, cars and ships made from real gingerbread.

"Many people have a big heart for the Gingerbread Town. We want Kode to be a social venue for people of all ages in Bergen. For us, this is a opportunity to support one of the city's many excellent cultural organizations," says Petter Snare, director of Kode.

Every year since 1991, and thanks to contributions from thousands of children and adults, Bergen has created the world's largest gingerbread town for charitable purposes. Each year, there are nearly 2000 submissions.

Last year, the Gingerbread Town was arranged at Kode in Lysverket, and this year it will occupy Permanenten, a monumental Italian Neo-renaissance styled museum building from 1896, designed by Henry Bucher.

Pepperkakebyen i fjor
Permanenten med snø utenfor og julelys på treet

Permanenten. Foto: Sjur Pollen.

Opening hours

Open from 18 November 2023 - 31 December 2023.

Please note: closed on 25 December

Monday - Friday: 09.00-21.00
Saturday: 09.00-20.00
Sunday: 10.00-19.00
24 December: 09.00-13.00
25 December: Closed
26 December: 13.00-18.00
27-29 December: 09.00-21.00
30 December: 09.00-20.00
31 December: 11.00-15.00

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The Gingerbread town is at display in Permanenten at Kode.