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Artist talk: Erling Kagge and Lars Korff Lofthus

On nature and art

To bilder satt sammen: To menn som ser i kamera


Where Permanenten

Price 175 NOK

Included in the entrance ticket:

Welcome to a conversation with art collector Erling Kagge and artist Lars Korff Lofthus, on the occasion of the exhibition "Composition for the Left Hand".

Based on the exhibition "Composition for the Left Hand," Erling Kagge and Lars Korff Lofthus will engage in a conversation about nature and art experiences, about silence, risk, vulnerability, and presence both in nature and art—and about everything you didn't learn in school.

Join a conversation that wanders and explores landscapes both close and extreme, inner and outer, where art finds its natural place.

About the guests:

Erling Kagge is a publisher, author, polar explorer, lawyer, and art collector. He was the first person in the world to reach the "three poles" on foot: the North and South Poles and the summit of Mount Everest. In 1996, he founded Kagge Forlag and has since written books about what he didn't learn in school, the art of collecting art, and essays about walking and silence. Kagge is considered one of Northern Europe's most significant collectors of contemporary art. Around 200 works from his art collection are exhibited in the "Composition for the Left Hand" exhibition.

Lars Korff Lofthus is a Norwegian visual artist. In his paintings, the painterly abstract and figuration blend into each other. His projects often have an element of desire, and Lofthus wants the painterly aspect itself to show sensuality, vulnerability, surplus, and risk.

Thematically, his work can be characterized as an exploration of positions where one is both alienated and at home. He looks for material in museum archives, books, homoeroticism, and landscape photography. Lofthus tries to create tableaux where nature, desire, and tradition merge in new situations.

Lars Korff Lofthus is involved in writing, dissemination, teaching, and curating. His works have been purchased by institutions such as the National Museum, Kode, the Oslo municipality, and Equinor. He divides his time and work between Bergen—where he until recently was an associate professor at the art academy—and his studio in Hardanger.

Practical Information:

The conversation will take place in Festsalen of Permanenten.

The exhibition is displayed in both Permanenten and Rasmus Meyer.

The event is included in your entrance ticket.