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«Not all that glitters is gold»

Renaissance and baroque works from the silver collection

Detalj av en pokal i sølv.


Where Permanenten

Price 150/100/0 NOK

New lecture series about silver!

First up is art historian Morten Spjøtvold, Kode's curator of glass, furniture and metal, who will talk about the Renaissance and Baroque goldsmith's art.

One of Kode's prides is our unique collection of Bergen goldsmith's art. The museum manages several thousand silver works, which include everything from monumental guild cups to small teaspoons with intricate engraving.

In collaboration with the Bergenssølvet foundation, we are organizing a lecture series about this part of the collection.

In 1568, Bergen's goldsmith's guild was established, which marks the beginning of the guild era in this country. During this period, Bergen became one of the foremost centers for goldsmith's art in Denmark-Norway, and the objects in the collection tell of the city's close cultural links to the continent.

This evening we will immerse ourselves in magnificent beer jugs, the secretive rituals of the guilds and the love of pomp and splendor of the time.

En høy pokal i sølv med rik dekor.

Foto: Dag Fosse / Kode

Herman Wichman: Skreddersvennenes pokal (1643). Property of the University Museum of Bergen.

Practical information

The conversation takes place in the Festsalen in the Permanenten.

The talk is included in your entrance ticket.

Free entry for Kode members.