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Our most precious

Bergen and the 1700s Silversmiths

En krone i gulltoner

Jens Pettersen Smith: Brudekrone. 1726. Deponert fra Stiftelsen Bergenssølvet. Foto: Dag Fosse / Kode


Where Permanenten

Price Inkludert i inngangsbilletten NOK

End the museum visit with a lecture, included in your entrance ticket!

On Thursday evening 28 September, you can learn more about the goldsmith's craft that created Bergen's Silver Age.

For many of us, silver has a very special place, whether it is heirloom silver, bunad silver or collectibles. Silver symbolizes status, value and craft tradition.

In the 18th century, Bergen was Norway's largest city, and fostered a vibrant and internationally oriented craft environment that has given us some of the country's finest silver treasures.

Join us when art historian Peder Valle talks about the goldsmith's craft that created Bergen's Silver Age. Peder Valle (b. 1985) is a doctoral candidate in art history at the University of Oslo (UiO).

He is a specialist in the Norwegian art industry and has worked for several years with the design collection at the National Museum in Oslo.

En mann i dress og briller ser inn i kamera og smiler. Han holder en porselenskopp.

Peder Valle. Foto: Handout

Practical information

Location: Festsalen in Permanenten.

Duration: About 40 minutes.

The lecture is included in your entrance ticket.

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The lecture takes place at Permanenten.