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Private concerts

A pianist is performing, in the Troldsalen chamber music hall.

Troldsalen. Foto: Dag Fosse / Kode

Kode has the pleasure of offering private concerts at Troldhaugen and Siljustøl.

A singer and a pianist performing in Grieg´s villa

Troldhaugen: Konsert i Griegs villa / Concert in Griegs villa. Foto: Dag Fosse / Kode

Private concerts at Troldhaugen

Both Troldhaugen and Edvard Grieg’s villa can be rented for private concerts.

The package includes a 30-minute piano concert followed by a tour of the villa.


Troldsalen lies right next to Grieg’s villa, seats 189 listeners, and is constructedespecially for chamber music. In Troldsalen, you can listen to Grieg’s music while taking in the same view that inspired Edvard Grieg in his work. Through the stage’s large back window, you can see the composer’s hut, where many of Grieg’s works were created. The hall was rehabilitated during spring 2012, with improved qualities when it comes to sound and light as well as the view.

Prices for Troldsalen, 2023:

11.500 NOK + 100 NOK per person (ex VAT)

Book concerts at Troldhaugen here.

The villa

A concert at the villa is always a great experience. Grieg’s Steinway grand piano is still a very good instrument, and the acoustics in the sitting rooms is excellent. In the later years, a number of renowned musicians have used the villa and Grieg’s grand piano for recordings.

The villa presents the perfect surroundings and the grand piano the best sound for performing Grieg’s piano music. Capacity: 40 people.

Prices for the villa, 2023:

25.000 NOK (ex VAT)

How to book:

For booking and other questions please contact Sissel Kjellevold:

Book via / phone number (+47) 53 00 97 00


For cancellations 3—7 days before the concert there is a fee of 2000 NOK

For cancellations later than three days before the concert, the fee is increased to 3000 NOK.

Three people are performing music in front of a small group of people at Siljustøl.

Konsert på Siljustøl / Concert at Siljustøl. Foto: Dag Fosse / Kode

Private concerts at Siljustøl

The museum organizes intimate concerts for groups and parties in the hall at Siljustøl on request.

Our very best pianists present a selection of Sæverud’s most famous pieces. The concert sets an atmospheric scene for the tour of the house’s many rooms.

Price and booking:

Private concerts cost 12.000 NOK. Capacity: 45 people. The tour of Sæverud’s house is included in the price.

For booking and questions please contact Sissel Kjellevold:

Book via / phone number (+47) 53 00 97 00

Cancellation fees:

Cancellation 3—7 days before the concert: 2000 NOK

Cancellation later than 3 days before the concert: 3000 NOK