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Composer in residence

Kode’s composer in residence

En tom konsertsal, Troldsalen. Ut vinduet skimter vi sol og grønne trær.

Written by: Maria Tripodianos


Foto: Dag Fosse / Kode

Each year, Kode selects a new Composer in Residence as part of a project aimed at elevating the recognition of contemporary composers.

The composer in residence for 2024 is Andreas Gundersen (b. 1993).

As the custodian of the homes of composers Edvard Grieg, Harald Sæverud, and Ole Bull, Kode plays a significant role in preserving a vital aspect of Norway's musical heritage. Through the appointment of a Composer in Residence, we aim to spotlight the contributions of contemporary composers who are currently active.

The program was launched in 2021, and Andreas Gundersen is the fourth Composer in residence at Kode. Earlier composers in residence have been Wolfgang Plagge (2021) and Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi (2022) and Ørjan Matre (2023).

An art of the moment

Throughout the year, the Composer in Residence has the creative freedom to influence the museum's program by designing distinctive concerts and events inspired by their own ideas and visions. Additionally, the composer is tasked with composing an entirely new work, which is scheduled for a premiere towards the year's end.

For Christian Grøvlen, director of the composers’ homes, cultivating contacts with music that is being written today is a powerful tool for communicating the importance of the homes in his charge.

Kode’s composer in residence in 2024

Andreas Gundersen (born 1993) is a Sámi pianist and composer from Tana and, in 2024, will become Kode's youngest Composer in Residence to date.

"Bull, Grieg, and Sæverud all built their music on Norwegian folk music in their own ways. An essential part of Andreas's artistic expression is rooted in the Sámi culture to which he belongs, thereby carrying forward this tradition into our contemporary era.", says Christian Grøvlen, Director for the Kode Composer Homes.

We look forward to commissioned works and a variety of other projects, which will be developed and launched throughout the year. Stay tuned!

Meet the artist

“It is all too easy to adopt a retrospective gaze when dealing with music, but music is an art of the moment. It captures people’s feelings and thoughts, here and now. Contemporary music can help us to understand who we are now and who we have been”

Christian Grøvlen, Director for the Kode Composer homes

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