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Composer in residence

Composer in residence 2024: Andreas Gundersen

Portrett av huskomponist Andreas Gundersen i Harald Sæveruds arbeidsværelse. Han sitter, kledd i en samisk kofte, vi ser bøker i forgrunnen og et piano i bakgrunnen.

Written by: Anette Basso

The Composer in Residence at Kode this year is Andreas Gundersen.

We look forward to commissioned works and a variety of other projects, which will be developed and launched throughout the year. Stay tuned!

Andreas Gundersen (born 1993) is a Sámi pianist and composer from Tana and, in 2024, will become Kode's youngest Composer in Residence to date.

The Composer in Residence project at Kode started in 2021 with the aim of highlighting the recognition of contemporary composers. Each composer brings their unique perspective on how they want to shape their year. Gundersen is the fourth Composer in Residence at Kode.

"Gundersen's music is poignant, intense, diverse, and explorative, and we look forward to presenting an exciting artist who is in the early stages of his career."

Christian Grøvlen, Director for the Kode Composer homes

Prolific composer based in Tana

After completing his education at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Andreas Gundersen moved from Oslo back to Deanu/Tana, where he resides and works as a composer and performer.

From there, he has established new collaborations with artists, performers, and composers in the north, particularly in Sápmi.

In 2023, he assumed the position of Artistic Advisor for Sámi and Kven music at the Arctic Philharmonic.

As a composer, Gundersen began writing music while taking lessons from composer Rune Rebne at Toneheim Folk High School. Later, he apprenticed with composer Jon Øivind Ness and pursued a degree in composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH).

Gundersen is a highly prolific composer, but he also remains engaged as a performer. In addition to his work as a classical pianist, he closely collaborates with pop music, working as a producer and songwriter.

In recent years, he has delved particularly into spectral and microtonal landscapes. He describes his style as influenced by French and American traditions, combined with sophisticated harmonics.

"Bull, Grieg, and Sæverud all built their music on Norwegian folk music in their own ways. An essential part of Andreas's artistic expression is rooted in the Sámi culture to which he belongs, thereby carrying forward this tradition into our contemporary era."

Christian Grøvlen, Director for the Kode Composer homes
En ung mann i samisk drakt sitter ved Edvard Griegs klaver i stuen på Troldhaugen

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