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What´s open at Kode in February?

A woman in an exhibition wearing a tshirt that says ask me

Foto: Anette Basso / Kode

What to see and do at Kode in February!

Please note: New opening hours, closed Monday and Tuesday.


No exhibitions in the Lysverket museum. The restaurant in the same building is open.

Rasmus Meyer, where we display parts of our collection and works by Edvard Munch, is open. New exhibition opens 16 February.

Stenersen, featuring the major exhibition "The Square´s Heart", is open with guided tours and pop-up art presentations every weekend.

In Permanenten, there is a family workshop on the ground floor every weekend, but no exhibitions before 16 February.

Troldhaugen open

Edvard Grieg´s museum at Troldhaugen is open, with guided tours of the villa, free audioguide tours of the outdoor area and open café.

We are presenting great concerts in the time to come, learn more here:

Upcoming concerts

Opening 16 February

Contemporary art from the Erling Kagge Collection meets the historic collection of Rasmus Meyer from February 16th, with the exhibition "Composition for the Left Hand", which will be displayed both in Permanenten and Rasmus Meyer.

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