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Premiere: Ørjan Matre

Kode’s composer in residence in 2023

En mann står foran en grønnmalt vegg, og ser i kamera.

Ørjan Matre. Foto: Ingvild Festervoll Melien.


Where Troldhaugen

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Kode invites to the premiere of this year's commissioned piece by the Composer in Residence, Ørjan Matre.

The concert has free admission, but requires registration through reservation.

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The Composer in Residence for 2023 at Kode is Ørjan Matre. In his new piece "Lyric Pieces II" Matre continues his exploration of the intersection between his daily life and his work as a composer, which has been a recurring theme throughout his year as Composer in Residence.

In the commissioned work presented on November 24th, Ørjan Matre draws inspiration from Edvard Grieg's Lyric Pieces, and re-composes the music using archive recordings from Matre's own daily life and other elements.

"Edvard Grieg is an elevated figure in culture, but he also had an everyday life. I wanted to bring things down to earth," says Ørjan Matre of his new piece.

Bergen String Quartet and pianist Ellena Armelius will perform the new piece at Troldhaugen, along with 15 metronomes, a hand-crank gramophone, and recordings of Edvard Grieg's own piano performances from 120 years ago.

Lyric Pieces II

Ellena Armelius, piano

Bergen String Quartet:
Pierre Doumenge, cello
Alexander Kagan, violin
Lars Magnus Steinum, violin
Liene Klava, viola

About Ørjan Matre

Ørjan Matre, a prominent Norwegian composer, hails from and currently resides in Bergen. His extensive body of work encompasses a diverse spectrum of musical genres, spanning solo compositions, chamber music, choral pieces, and electroacoustic creations. Matre won the Spellemann Award for Composer of the Year in 2015 and 2018, was nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize in 2020, and received the Music Publisher's Prize in 2022.

Kode Composer in Residence

Each year, Kode selects a new Composer in Residence as part of a project aimed at elevating the recognition of contemporary composers.

"As the custodian of the homes of composers Edvard Grieg, Harald Sæverud, and Ole Bull, Kode plays a significant role in preserving a vital aspect of Norway's musical heritage. Through the appointment of a Composer in Residence, we aim to spotlight the contributions of contemporary composers who are currently active." says Christian Grøvlen, Director of Kode Composer Homes.

Throughout the year, the Composer in Residence has the creative freedom to influence the museum's program by designing distinctive concerts and events inspired by their own ideas and visions. Additionally, the composer is tasked with composing an entirely new work, which is scheduled for a premiere towards the year's end.

The program was launched in 2021, with prior Composers in Residence including Wolfgang Plagge (born in 1960) and Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi (born in 1982).

Practical Information

Time: 24 November, 19:00.

Place: Troldsalen chamber music hall at Troldhaugen.

Duration: 60 minutes.

Tickets: Entrance to the concert is free, but advance reservation is required. Tickets will be released on 1 April.

Bli kjent med Matre