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Drop-in Workshop: Other Rooms

Open workshop on monoprinting

Et nærbilde av personer som lager ting i et verksted.


Where Lysverket

Join us for an open art workshop as part of the project and exhibition "Other Rooms."

Open to all with an entrance ticket to Kode.

In the workshops, we will create monoprints using plants and flowers on rubber printing plates with thin rice paper. The workshop takes place on the second floor of Lysverket.

This technique has been used to create some of the works in the "Other Rooms" exhibition. No prior knowledge is required.

While the prints dry, we will serve a cup of coffee or tea. Afterwards, the prints will be cut and folded into seed packets and filled with seeds, and you can create a flower stake.

Everyone can take their seed packets and flower stakes home, and we encourage you to plant the seeds in new and perhaps unexpected places in your local environment. Maybe in a crack in the sidewalk or in a road that needs a bit of attention? Or along the roadside or in an overgrown flower bed?

By doing this, we can help draw attention to what seems forgotten or overlooked and simultaneously create greater diversity in our community.

The workshops are led by artists Solveig Sumire Sandvik, Petra Rahm, Eli Lea, and Borghild Unneland, along with volunteers.

Drop-in workshops in the exhibition (included in the ticket)

  • Tuesday, June 4, from 11.00-14.00 at Lysverket, 2nd floor
  • Wednesday, June 5, from 11.00-14.00 at Lysverket, 2nd floor
  • Friday, June 7, from 11.00-14.00 at Lysverket, 2nd floor